Jim Duvall
Ray Terheyden, Cheryl Summers, and
John Summers (Jack and Marti Rogers
in the back)
50th Anniversary of Valley Pilots Flying Club Celebration
Ray's Mother, Chrissy Townsend, Mike Townsend
Ed Adasiak, Al Humbert
Al Blachman, and Andrea Blachman
Carol Early and some of her guests
More of Carols Guests, and her husband Dennis in
the yellow shirt.
Ray Terheyden winning the door prize of headsets
Dennise Humbert, and Betsy Adasiak
Steve Kennedy
Ed Adasiak and Al Humbert
Diane Kennedy
Dennis Early
Jack and Marti Rogers
Ray Terheyden, Mike Townsend and Jim Duvall with
Marti  and Jack Rogers, along with  Pam Duvall and
Ray's mother in the foreground.
Jim Duvall, is always the Flight Instructor